I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, But…

Dead Flowers

Father, Forgive Them

They blessed Me and told Me they were praying for Me,

Smiled Sunday smiles as they said goodbye, and they waved.

Not one time did they ask if I was okay. None of them

asked where I had been or where I was going, or if

they could help along the way. Not one person even asked for

My name. They shook My hand, patted their backs,

left the Bible behind, and told Me it would lead the way.

They brought tears to My eyes as I sat at My Father’s right hand,

in disguise, and I prayed. I gave My life to offer Love’s light, yet

they walk in darkness, pushing Me out of the way as they pass

My words around like an offering plate, begging for silver faith.

They shout to the world,

“Jesus loves you. Jesus will bless you!” 

No. I blessed!

I created them in My image, with fragments of My heart,

so they could love the broken the same. They tell the world,

“Jesus can save you!”

No! I saved. 

They looked in Love’s eyes, they crossed the most High, and

they did not even ask My name.